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tv   John Kasich Town Hall Meeting in Goffstown New Hampshire  CSPAN  January 25, 2016 4:46am-6:01am EST

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you will be glad to know that four out of five polls show him ahead. and closing in on some guy whose name is something like grump.
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so out of five newspapers endorsing john has four out of five. some people think that's donald trump's bank account. but that's the national debt. if that worries you, you would like to see that stopped. run in reverse like you would like to run your elect ristry meter in reverse. john casic did that while chair of the budget committee in washington for four years and paid back 10% of the national debt. he can do it again. he has practical plans to do so. if you're worried about your job or economy ohio's economy is roaring under 6 years of
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leadership. they created over 400,000 new jobs. they literally have brought back jobs from mexico and china. and there's reason that he was reelected by 64% just a year ago.
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the roaring economy in ohio can be translated into a roaring economy here in the united states of america. if you're worried about national security, he served 18 years on the armed services committee. he is a national security expert. he does not need a period of on-the-job training like the rest of those candidates with. -- what. --would. now, it is my job to introduce one of america's true american heroes. this is colonel tom mow. he was a prison made -- mate with john mccain. he was flying his bomber over vietnam and he was blown out of the sky literally. he managed to elude his captors without any food or water for three days before taken prisoner. then endures more than five years of excruciating torture resulting in multiple broken bones, kidney failure that caused bloating of his body, and unimaginable pain and torment. he endured through his faith and his courage and his love for our country and he is here o endorse governor kasich.
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>> that is very kind of you. i know you did not come here to see tom today. that warm reception, ipass right onto my buddies -- i pass that on to my buddies. my job is a fine job today, as it always is. to introduce a person that i not only admire deeply, but lso consider a friend. the reason i admire him so much is because he really epitomizes what we want to see and a leader whether it be -- in a leader whether it be governor or the president of united states. he has honor, discipline, experience like the senator manchin. 18 meters -- like the senator mentioned.
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18 years on the committee. a good person. those qualities are what a leader should have. we know that they don't always have those qualities. he's got them. what i want to do is focus on two of them as examples of why i think so highly of his person. one of them is simple kindness. kindness. i worked for him for a couple of years as the director of the state's veteran department. it was a great chance to help our veterans. there are many veterans in ohio alone. once a year, we would have a program to have all the families who lost a loved one in defense of our country to come in and meet him. once a year we would do it and make it happen, we would honor them in front of the entire
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legislature in ohio. and then he would sit down with them, one family at a time, privately in his office and console them. offer them the full power of the state of ohio to do whatever they needed to do to recover from the loss and perhaps through my efforts of the va were necessary as well. a man of true compassion. you cannot teach that stuff. on a lighter note, we would once a year honor veterans who having separated from the ilitary, spent years volunteering to help other people. other veterans or helping other people in other ways. these years of service
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recognized by making the members of the ohio veterans hall of fame. he was just great. watching him honor those people and say great things about them. he would study their iographies so he was not meeting them as strangers. not meeting them as a stranger. another quality which is vital his toughness -- is toughness. he is a tough guy. he survived -- he recovered from his own personal tragedy when his parents were killed when he was a teenager. they were killed by a drunk driver. he turned those experiences with resilience and toughness. the toughness to be a good governor and stand up for people. you see all these political ads saying they will fight for you. it takes toughness.
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it takes toughness to make things happen in government. to work not only across the aisle, but even with your own party. with the service since -- citizens, that is who we are serving anyhow ultimately. and trying to meet as many people's needs as possible. people want to do things so how do you do that? we are talking about them aspiring to be president of the united states. a person is also the commander-in-chief. you may have heard it said before that being president of the united states is not like playing beanbag with somebody. it is a tough job. i think we have seen where toughness has been lacking. he will be tough so that our allies know that and they will
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be very, very happy to stand by our side and we will make it clear to them that we will stand by their side as well. our enemies, you know the u.s. over its history has had a number of enemies who are now our best friends. starting with england. there were some skirmishes around these parts a few years ago with these -- with them. there are people who hate us to this day and i don't know if they will ever not hate us. if we can't change that, we can be sure if we have to is that they will fear us. so they do not dare mess with us. i like to say that they would dread to tread on us. with your help, that's how it happens, this is a democracy. with your support, your vote, we can then make him the next
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president and owner commander-in-chief. -- our next commander in chief, john kasich. gov. kasich: you have wanted to meet me for a month? >> my mom that you a month ago. -- met you a month ago. gov. kasich: thank you all for coming. don't you know there is a football game today? i don't see any uniforms on. it is scientifically proven that it will add three points to your team's score if you dress in a uniform. i'm going to talk to you about something that i've not talked to anyone else about because i think i have been struggling on
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something that we should all think about -- stumbling on something that we should all think about. this morning i was reading a story about some of the movements we have seen in our country. when people get nervous and frustrated and a lot of us are. our wages are stuck and our kids have debt and we -- they can't get a job. you might be in your 50's and might lose your job. we have problems with someone in our families who have chronic illness or drug addiction and when all these things come together, it unsettles us. i want you to think about our country in terms of what you mean to our country. there have been times when people have become very unsettled and they have gone to movements that are not representing the best of
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us. there was a movement in our country against the irish. i think it was called the know nothings if i'm right. who just said that? yes. it is because people became afraid of irish immigrants. there were movements in this country that were anti-catholic. i remember, we have all learned, i remember that i've seen lots of movements -- movies about it, joe mccarthy. remember he had that list of known communists. what i'm saying today is that i get a sense when i look at what is happening in our country that we have the potential to start another movement here that does not represent the
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best of us. see, i think that america, the america i grew up in with my mailman father and my mom who was so smart but never got the education she so deserved, who had a mother that could barely speak english. she came from a little town outside of pittsburgh. you know, we were taught to never give up. you can be anything you want to be in america. america is such a special place that the opportunity is just here for all of us. i don't mean pie in the sky. i like to tell young people that when you get knocked down, don't be a victim. when you get knocked down, you get back up again until those people who knocked you down that you are going to beat them. in our country, i don't want us to drift or navigate or fall towards negative. we have these problems.
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we know our seniors are worried about social security. we know we are worried about the border. we know where we would like to see the tax code cleaned up and we get infuriated by an irs that somehow, from what we learned, targeted people. or government that can't get things right or va that can't answer the phone for a veteran who came back from serving us. who can't get a phone call -- return phone call. i want to tell you that these things can all be fixed and i want to give you a couple things that i have observed in my lifetime that gives me so much hope. i know i am running for president but i am not going to sacrifice what i think or what i believe to win an election. i'm not telling you this because i want to win your vote, that is not what this
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message is. i remember as a kid, i've mentioned this yesterday a couple times, do some of you remember being with your mom and dad? when you heard the phrase, one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind? the government said, john kennedy said, that we are going to go to the moon. did we ever think it was going to happen? it did. i remember, the more fundamental question that i will get to. i remember when ronald reagan sat down with tim o'neil and they fixed social security. that's just the sweet story from yesterday, but that is a sweet story for tomorrow. even though both guys are gone, the example is achievable. i remember because i was there. i toward the soviet union
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before the wall came down or shortly before the wall came down. we all went to school. did you ever think the berlin wall would come down talk of when you were in school, did you think the wall would come down? >> never. gov. kasich: nobody thought it would come down. do you remember when ronald reagan went to berlin and he yelled across the chasm there, mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. do you remember all those people who got on the wall with those tiny hammers? do you remember those scenes? why did we forget that? what a glorious moment for mankind. they got accomplished. i remember when we faced trouble in our own hemisphere. down in central america. it is not all fixed but a lot
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of progress. i was there in 1997 in the middle of impeachment, in the middle of government shutdown and we negotiated an agreement -- you are not going to believe this, this is history, not fiction, we balanced the budget for four years in a row. we paid down the largest amount of publicly held debt in history. half a trillion debt. we cut the capital gains back so people would invest. when we turned the clock in the century, we were creating jobs like crazy. wages were up. that was not that long ago. then i went to ohio. we were dying. $8 billion in the hole. that is a lot of money. if i told you that you lost 20% of your operating fees at home. we lost 350,000 jobs. our credit was about to be downgraded and today, we are $2
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billion in the black. our credit is rock solid. and, there are over 400,000 new jobs -- 400,000 new families in ohio who have jobs who did not have a job when i became overnor. why, because i'm great? no. because i have great people and we had a vision. what i would ask you all to think about is which side of the street do you want to ive. do you want to live on the side of the street where it is all about doom and gloom and things are bad and what are we going to do? or do you want to live on the side of the street where americans love to live and we recognize our problems but that we also know, remember this
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phrase? we pull ourselves up at our bootstrap. i had to check with my guys what a bootstrap was. -- we can solve these problems. we cannot just be democrats or republicans, we have to be americans. i was in the new hampshire house when they were passing anti-drug legislation, i had the privilege to speak with them. i told them at the end of the talk, because i have been around for a long time understanding the highs and the lows of change and, when you leave the chamber today because you're going to pass this anti-drug legislation not as democrats or republicans but as citizens of new hampshire. when you drive home, think about what you did. when you get home and your spouse is saying what did you do today after you spent two
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hours driving there and back and they don't pay you any money and in fact it costs money to be a member of the legislature? you look at your spouse and say we did something great. we saved lives today. that is what we all want. when we win, the republicans, we call the tune. make no mistake about it. we are in charge. but anyone who wants to sing in the choir, we are going to invite them in because that is how you make beautiful music. that is how we can get this country fixed. these problems are pretty simple. the thing that gets in the way of solving the homes of people. if we can all raise our game a little bit, no sweat, we are going to get it done. i will take some polite applause and we can get started.
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yes sir, right back here. >> i heard you talk about a one-year moratorium on new regulation and i'm a little concerned that we all in this party think that regulations are bad. there's a place called the cuyahoga river in your state in cleveland and in 1952, it caught on fire. and then again in 1969. they were both pretty disastrous. the following year, the country had its first earth day. richard nixon in 1971 created the epa and the year after it, the clean water act. republicans, democrats, and independents. ask the people about flint about that. we all need clean water and clean air.
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since 1981, our party has continued to cut epa funding. i don't understand that. since 1981, our party has it makes us look bad. they want fewer epa dollars. just a quick look at what happened in 2015. mine waste in colorado. bluebell ice cream lysteria. santa barbara oil spill. flint michigan. the chipola -- the chipotle e. coli outbreak. it makes us look bad. the spill into the elk river. the west texas explosion in the ertilizer plant. gov. kasich: i think we got t. et me respond. >> we need the epa writing
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regulations that make companies option so they don't poison the water and hurt our children. what would you do? gov. kasich: i appreciate what you said. you need to understand where i come from on this. as the ball, -- first of all, i think we need a one-year freeze on all federal regulations. i feel this way because i believe the epa is funnily capricious and arbitrary. -- fundamentally capricious and arbitrary. i wanted to you that we have fracking in ohio. we have the tough thing -- toughest regulations in the country on fracking. we do not look the other way when anything bubbles to the surface. are you going to have people down below not looking -- not doing their jobs? t our leadership in the epa,
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we do not tolerate nonsense. in the area of fracking, when we have tremors we shut the whole area down. we do not tolerate when people come saying that we are on the edge of the area can we open it up? we say no. we can have a clean environment and economic progress. our epa director who is wicked smart understands there is a balance between regulations and economic growth. we are not going to allow things to happen that we think are going to degrade the environment by looking the other way but we are also -- the epa right now has passed these rules and their go to shut have our stay down with the clean power roles. i don't know where they get the authority to do it. i think there is a balance in the environment. the balance is do your job, do not over regulate and if you talk to the companies involved in the fracking business in ohio, they will tell you that
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our regulations are tough as nails but they are not excessive. there is also a different set of regulations for those who are smaller. not a different set for those because to the environment. i leave you an example. because of. frank -- dodd frank where the big banks should be regulated and should have to reserve their own assets based on the risks, that regulation is killing the community banks in our country. what we are ending up with is that the big banks are getting bigger and the small banks are getting wiped out. look, i'm not saying that we have no regulation, but why don't we take a deep red and begin to take a look -- deep breadth and begin to take a look at the common sense approach to things. this is not a state issue or a federal issue that owns a camp ground. if he has to put a fence up. the difference between the fence and the ground is just a
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bit. they are told that he is out of compliance. worms can barely go in this place. one final thing, the lord put us here to handle his creation. he did not put us here to worship his creation. there is a balance that we can strike. the things in life are about balance. that is what i opened up with today. extremist do not work. the only time extremist said --k is destroying crisis destroying life is fair that is the one extreme i believe in. [applause] thank you. >> i am a veteran and i would like to thank you for your great work. here in new hampshire, we are pretty penny wise. we understand the value of clean energy. in new hampshire, we know clean energy cuts pollution, and it brings good paying job.
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a company moved in and created 70 new jobs readily. in of the wind installations america have been in republican-controlled districts, in states like iowa, south dakota, texas and oklahoma. my question for you is, as governor and president, as governor what did you do to bring clean energy to ohio and what will you do as president? gov. kasich: first of all, there is another place we ought to locate wind turbines. i want to know we can get a vote. we should locate them outside of everything single state house in america. [laughter] what do you think? with that make sense? [applause] again, we have acted issue of the environment, which we are all concerned about. in my state, i have had a battle with a few members of the legislature.
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of solar,s set a goal wind, alternative energy sources, at a goal that we could not hit. we would have to buy power from out-of-state. our manufacturers told us we would have to lay people off. that's not acceptable, so i told us we would have to reset. some wanted to basically stop the development of solar, wind and even efficiency standards. they said, it's good enough. i thought it was not acceptable. we need to drive efficiency. we should have been doing it literally 40 years ago. secondly, of course we like solar and wind. have come down dramatically. the only problem with solar, i have been thinking about it deeply. when the sun does not shine, solar does not work that well. when the wind is not blow, it doesn't work. so what do we look forward to? battery technology.
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nobody has figured it out yet. you would think elon musk would do it. he is a creating something. he risks everything. but battery technologies, when the wind doesn't blow, it's ok because we have stored in power. when the sun doesn't shine, it's ok because we have stored solar powered. it would be a different way we will think about utility companies, because we will be able to control our own power sources. think of the future and how cool it could be. personalized medicine, development of entergy -- energy. self driving cars, now that my daughters are 16. [laughter] think about where things are going. it is really exciting. manufacturing, people worry if we can get that back. but we get it back with low energy prices, computerization, technology, and workers who can be trained to engage in technology.
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with low-energy races and a great workforce, the things are all possible. i look forward to the battery technology. in the meantime in ohio, we are going to have development of solar and wind. if the legislature wants to gut it, i will go back to the goal we had which was unpalatable. as president, -- i will tell you what is cool, we are becoming energy independent. we do have some mistakes that happen. we learn from them. our nuclear programs are better. everything can be improved. we clean coal before we learned. we are pulling out natural gas. there's a lot of exciting things happening. this low price plus independence can tell the saudi's, if you want to keep funding radical clerics, knock it off. stop it, we are not putting up with any more. it gives us more freedom in terms of foreign policy.
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as a veteran, sure you appreciate the fact that we don't have to go to war over energy. we shouldn't need to. thank you. yes, sir. i see the social security tax $118,500. after that, no tax on the money returned. i would like to hear your position on social security and how to fix it. ,ov. kasich: four people on it currently on it, we cannot pull the rug out from under them. we don't have to do that. but we are going to have to set some limits. if you are upper income, with significant retirement, then you are going to get some, but not the benefit you might have thought you were going to get, -- do notose who are have that kind of income can get all benefit. in terms of the cap, it is
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interesting. the system, but as you go through a process of dealing with social security, i think people will say it will have to begin on it.we will have to see . i would prefer not to do that because i think we can fix it another way. but this is an american tradition. do, we have to get together and get it fixed. when reagan and o'neill did it, there was not any demagoguery. when we improved medicare in the 90's, there wasn't any demagoguery because we did it together. if one party leads on it, the other party just demagogues and scares everybody and nothing gets done. it is essential we save social security. yes. right here. family living in ohio. gov. kasich: i hope they like
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me. >> sure they do. as you know, it is on the border of appalachia. a lot of people have lost their jobs because of the closing of the coal mines. i think these people feel discouraged, because they feel the balance of the budget, a lot of cuts were made to services to a lot of towns in southern ohio. what would be your answer to those people? gov. kasich: we are of over 400,000 -- jobs. the single biggest thing we can do is to have a job growing economy. we spent a lot of time in southern ohio, which has always been problems. we even have people down there working on it all the time. portsmouth bypass, we think is going to bring more opportunity there.
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i think the arguments in southern ohio, we see progress down there. if you look at unemployment, some counties are tougher than others. river,d to market the the railroads, highways, the cost of labor. we have had wins in southern ohio. very significant. .t is always a vexing problem people don't want to move their business is down there. we are seeing good things happen. i'm not giving you a sugarcoated business here. we are seeing a lot of progress with bigger companies coming into the areas. people from down there come to see us all the time. we think about what else we can do to bring more jobs. we are very hopeful within a short time, we are going to have high-speed internet access for the entire state here it you know what a difference that can make. high-fiber -- it
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operates on the same speed as the department of energy. i hope the school in southern ohio, is onto this. businesses can use it, and research can be done. will tell you another thing about portsmouth. it is when i first learned about the series drug crisis. serious drug crisis. mothers came in with pictures of the kids who had died from overdoses. that is how we went into southern ohio and shut down the pill mills, and got the doctors out were violating their oath. we made progress. but it's always tough. the more job growth we have, the better we are. here.ppreciate you being what is your take on income inequality in america? gov. kasich: two things. it is all about skills, isn't it?
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if you don't have skills, you cannot command income. that is why when i talk to young people, and they say i'm going to go to school and i'm thinking about going to school, i want to think about what skills you need based on what your passions are. i believe everybody was created for a purpose, and everybody has certain skills. that is why we brought vocational education down to the seventh grade. my plumber, think god, makes more than any lawyers i know. we need a flexible education system. this is what we should do. , what areour skills your passions, what kind of a job would you like to have? we will tell you what is available, and how you get one. we are starting in k-12. we are taking on higher education, and we want to have a flexible education system so people can have real-world experience to get skills. let me tell you another thing that has happened. because of the federal reserve
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am i don't want to get into a big economics lesson. god created economists to make astrologers look accurate. here's the thing. wendy federal reserve right interest rates down to zero, you got no money in your savings accounts. but the assets for companies rose. many companies went and took on debt, which they can write off to buy back stock and shrink the number of shares so stop presses went up. people who have money could go in and invest in the stock market. they got growth that everybody else didn't get. that is part of what happened. now the fed is beginning to change and the federal reserve aussies -- policies. the last thing i would do is turn the federal reserve over to the congress. that would be putting the chickens in the henhouse. with higher interest rates, things are going to change.
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companies at some point are going to realize they have to invest. some companies are not investing in their own businesses. when they don't invest, we don't get the tools we need. we cannot get productivity. when things like that happen, we get better reaches -- wages. it starts to narrow the gap. the suggestion that bernie might make, which is we should take from the rich and give to the poor, only in a storybook. my father, who was a mailman, said, we don't hate the rich. we want to be the rich. how do you want -- get to be the rich? by learning. skills. ever heard of a guy named stefan steph curry? what do you think he's going to get paid? >> a lot. gov. kasich: and what does that mean he has?
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skills. the same is true with a computer programmer. the same is true with a physician. same with anything. the more skills, the better you do. but i would say to young people, is you are getting ready to go education don't make in a vacuum. figure out what you think you might want to do. that might change, but think about what you might want -- want to do and start driving towards it until you have the skills, so an employer will say, i need you. that it? -- got it? thank you. way in the back. i was probably on social security longer than most people in this room, because my father died when i was six months old. i was on it for 22 years because the federal government used to help you through college. they took that away for kids
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now. i don't know how they will get their education, walking out with $100,000 in debt. i don't have children and it concerns me. gov. kasich: higher education, let me talk about k-12 first. i would take 100 for federal programs, bundled them into send them to state so you can run your own program. [applause] that, but yous better run for a school board and change the school. in the old days, you could graduate from high school and not have a great education, and get a job in a skill no or textile plant. and then make decent money. today, those jobs don't exist here and have to get on the stick so we demand out of our , we wanthere we left -- where we live we want standards. we want to be able to succeed.
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not low standards. back to college, higher education. when you are in high school, students ought to be taking college credit. i think they do in new hampshire. you can take courses that transferred to college. it is great. one of the kids in our state completed recorders of his first year. -- three quarters of his first year by taking classes in high school. when the biggest things students take is remedial education. they have to learn how to do becauseand arithmetic, they did not learn it in high school. they have to spend money in college. every state should have an online program that kids can get remediated online, before they graduate from high school. i'm not sure this is working out that great when i explain it. let me try another way.
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if you go to a community college for two years, you are going to cut the cost of higher education probably in half. we want to push for you being able to go for three years and transfer credits to a four-year school. that would cut college costs by three quarters. you don't have to go to a four-year school off the bat if you want to get education at a lower price, and still have the degree. in addition to that, the administrators, the school has to control administrative expenses. they are going through the ceiling. the problem with being a college president, if you are one today, what do you want to be tomorrow? same job. you want to be a college president. it is easy not to stir things up. at ohio state, our former president, he released the parking garages and the surface lot, and everybody was against
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it. he did it anyway. he got half $1 billion payment. why is a university running parking garages? why our universities running dining facilities? at bowling green, a privatized it. there are more kids getting food, and the prices are lower ran.when the university let the university focus on educating kids and stay out of the rest of it. things not connected to education, get rid of it. finally for the big bills, there are a couple things to worry about. ability, as a and recruiting tool, to help kids loans.dent in addition to that, maybe we have to come up with a community service program, where you can work off some of that. i'm seriously thinking about that, because to me, that has appealed. there are a lot of things involved.
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now?u have kids in school >> i don't have kids. gov. kasich: [laughter] while you can start any community college. right here. [indiscernible] . i have a question about early college -- childhood education. i have seen families struggle with the cost of quality education to read as president, what would you do to ease the burden? gov. kasich: you don't make a lot of money doing it. >> absolutely not. i love the kids and inequality. what would you do to help families? gov. kasich: in our state, there is assistance for that. people who have low income. people -- problems we have on welfare, when a working mom that does not make much, whose husband walked out on her, she cannot take a pay raise because she would lose childcare. we will raise the limit of what
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a person can earn, and we have to ask washington. why am i asking questions what i can do to improve a working mom in ohio? but we can also combine the welfare program with education to raise standards for early childhood. we spend money on early childhood. it is really expensive. it is really expensive. but it has been a priority. early childhood allows the development of the brain to -- for these young kids. you don't want them to fall behind. i don't say it's for everybody, because some people can't afford it. who are lowerople income, we want their brains to develop also, so they can have a great career and move up the economic ladder. when you get the education programs back, i want to see how many resources have come back to be devoted to this.
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people like you have to get up to the legislature and talk to them about early childhood. we will not fix it overnight. we are making progress in each state should make progress. it should be a priority. if we get to the point where there's still not enough resources, within the context of balancing the budget, this probably got a be a priority with a little bit of help to the states to be a will to have it as a priority. i don't want to go there until i see if freedom of resources we can give states if we send the education programs. noommend you, she makes money doing this. it is a labor of love. give her a round of applause. [applause] all of these are that thing problems. -- that thing problems. the one thing i think we have to perfections, and the
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next life for those who believe that. a lot of these things are going to be with us. we have to address them and put together to address them. could i could tell you, i fix everything and every problem, but i would not be telling you the truth. but i will give you a chicken in every pot. >> yes, sir. >> what is your vision for the exploration of space? gov. kasich: well, it is about what david bowie sang about. [laughter] ground control to major tom ♪ [laughter] how about that. [applause]
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only at a town hall in new hampshire. [laughter] gave him a round of applause. [applause] guy,'t really know this but i keep running into him. here's the funny thing about him. this is the charming thing about him. he knows when enough is enough. he livens it up, but he also knows when it's time to not do it. now is the time to hold your peace. that was great, i enjoyed it. thank you. we saw that the other day. i was just reading about it. the astronaut gets out there -- could you imagine? he's out there walking.
5:35 am
we have not sold the space program as part of a new frontier. i think we have a new frontier into medicine. we have a new frontier in transportation. think about how fast the world is going. some of us are so overwhelmed, that it's not that hot, but we have to embrace the change. they said the astronaut had to go back into the spaceship because we had a little bit of liquid in his helmet. and i'm thinking about these people -- it's about dreams/ .we need a dream, don't we ? led anybody take your dreams away. whenever i write a note to a little kid, i always write three words. live your dreams. with space, we have problems down here, but we do not want to destroy that. cooperation with other countries, it is good? i wouldn't want to destroy the space program. but we also have to remember
5:36 am
that what we got down here on earth -- i hope you agree with that. >> with the political parties and the media constantly denies it, how will you improve -- provide leadership? gov. kasich: i have always done this. deal with bill clinton. we did welfare reform. backenny, he had killed it to minnesota. we led a group of people to cut dollar.out of every in ohio, when we fixed transportation, we had unanimous support. the transportation program we came up with, everyone took credit for, and i got none. it's ok. fighting drug addiction. what you have to do is you have to convince people that their legacy is about more than being about party.
5:37 am
what i say, is the republican party is my vehicle, but not my master. why would i want it to be my master? i had two daughters living in ohio with my wife. we built a wife, and i got a report that there are people still living unit. that's my family. [laughter] get people -- just get them to rise to a higher level. with on the phone today old richardson, the former secretary of energy, a democrat. i don't like him, because he played aaa baseball, and during , hit a line game drive through my legs to the fence. i called him today because we had in ohioan being held in north korea. bill has been there. with some success.
5:38 am
why wouldn't i call him? -- dick, the former senator, i called him and i said we have worked together. we are not going to poison each other's wells, we are not going to fix social security or anything else. [applause] reporter ask me, when you say that, do people just think it is sweet and do they really believe it? let me ask you. talking about people getting along and holding problems, is that a fantasy? is that just a sweet comment? good, we are going to let her know you don't think it is sweet, because it does not have to be that way. but we have to stop all this, it's all about me, and yelling at the other person. we can disagree.
5:39 am
i fight with people all the time. but at the and, i can find something i can agree with. do -- another thing you have to do as president, you have to have the phone numbers of their moms. [laughter] you know how many moms i call? it is personal. what is part of it is, -- theseonal affairs are people. people are influenced by other people. what i would say to you is this. i'm kind of uncomfortable saying this, but one guy said, your greatest skill is getting people to do what they need to do, but they don't want to. , maybe apretty good good gift. we will see. if i get there, a lot of this is going to be gone. i will have you come down and
5:40 am
see me and we can have a cup of coffee and talk about it. will you be available? [laughter] have a few more questions. we will extend it a little longer. you know how i got started in politics? i went to see the president of ohio state university. with 15in a dorm students and i wasn't getting anywhere. i asked her a meeting, they would not let me in, and i badgered them and they let me in. he had a date office. he was very impressive. i said, i have been at ohio state with 48,000 students were about a month and i am undecided. when i look at your office and your assistant, maybe this is the job for me. what did you do? he told me about his responsibilities fund-raising, responsibility for academia, and he said tomorrow i will visit with president nixon. i said, there's a number of things i would like to talk to him about also. could i go with you? he said no.
5:41 am
[laughter] i said if i write a letter, could you give it to him? he said, i guess i could. i went back to my dorm and i wrote a letter to the resident inviting myself to the white house. a couple of weeks later, i went down and there is a letter from the white house. i opened it up and i go upstairs and i called home. i said mom, i will need an airline ticket because the president would like to have a meeting with me in the oval office. my mother a setting, pick up the phone, something is wrong with our kids. make a long story short, i went in the white house, and oval office. they told me i would get five minutes alone with the president, as an 18-year-old. i was thinking you sure, new jacket. i met the president, i sat at his desk for 20 minutes. if you add up the time i spent
5:42 am
n progress -- congress, i peaked at the age of 18. [laughter] >> [indiscernible] i have a very difficult question in regards to education. you made me think of it with your great introductory talk. and a up many days, little older than you, but you related a lot of history i relate to. i wake up, and i'm so concerned about the uneducated electorate that we have in this country. i see that linked directly to the painful, poisonous environment that you are having to deal with right now. we had some great people running for president, we have great people helping our children. we are lucky here to have so many youngsters.
5:43 am
but i'm obviously preaching to the choir here. what can you think of to help us a solution to this truly uneducated electorate we because without a solution we have a problem that we may not be able to defeat in the future. first, i would say you can do enough to make sure i do great in new hampshire in the primaries. [laughter] that's the first thing. wait aond thing -- minute, what about in 15 days? suggest, io mentioned a movement toward negativity. 70% of the people aren't there. let me say another thing. new hampshire is incredible,
5:44 am
because you screen everybody. look at this turn out. we have a patriots game, another game no one here cares about, and you are all out here and are mostly serious. it is good. i have been doing these all over. this state will recommend, whether they take me are not, you are going to make a big recommendation. it is going to be a series of recommendations that are going to pop up. let me tell you another thing i believe. people are pretty smart. at the end of the day, people are pretty smart. my father was not college educated. 's father, terri's father. but they always figured it out. figured it out in america. what i worry about in our country, a couple of things.
5:45 am
i worry about the strength of the family. i worry about that. i worry about drifting values, that we are removed from subjective values of right and wrong, more towards do your own thing. i worry about that long-term. in oura serious issue country. those are the things we have to think about. the president cannot fix families, but we certainly can use the pulpit to say, if you have a strong family -- where did that young lady go? she left. but you should be drug free, strong family, get in education. that takes you out of poverty. these things kind of trouble me, but at the end, as long as we keep those american values in place, love your neighbor, respect for all institutions, including the office of the president, respect your teachers, respect your elders.
5:46 am
when we have those values together, we are always going to figure it out. maybe in some ways, that's why am running. i tried to do this many years ago, as a kid. 46 or something. george will wrote a thesis about me. think casey wants to be william wilberforce." he's the man that abolished the slave trade in great britain. shut my thoughts down anybody's. but i think we as americans know those things that knit us together. it is also strong neighborhood. hereer thing, everybody better start sticking your nose in somebody else's business. we need that again. i like to say there was a lady -- when i go into the street on the sidewalk, she would call my mother and my mother would get out the wooden spoon.
5:47 am
i did not like that lady. but today, things got she was there. that is what we need to think about. we will better right. i promise you, we will get it right before it's over. i think -- you are going to get the last question right here. wait a minute, is that a michigan shirt? [laughter] come on. there are some things about getting things together, but this is too far. bobby, how old are you? what do you need? i even get extra credit? no, you're just here. what the states of the nation will be like for my generation, and the workforce especially, because of the
5:48 am
national debt that we are in. what are your thoughts about that? gov. kasich: bobby, what do you want to be when you grow up? probably be a national sports player. gov. kasich: i accept that. when you retire from being a sports figure, what do you think you will do after that? >> media doctor or >> i'm not sure. think?sich: what do i you know you have to do reading, writing and arithmetic. you know another thing? do you say your prayers? i think it's important. when things get confusing in your head, tell your mom. if you have to. school ande in somebody is ignoring somebody else in your class, you put your
5:49 am
arm around them. >> ok. gov. kasich: you are on your way, you are a handsome young man and smart and confident. his your sister -- is that your sister? how do you get along? >> pretty well. gov. kasich: that's a good answer. where is your mother? can i have you and your mom, here? i will need help with something. we think sometimes it is important to celebrate a significant occurrence. i wondered if we were about to do something special. can we wield that around? -- wheel that around? townhomeur 75th meeting -- townhall meeting. we have a cake. can we get it right here?
5:50 am
mom, you are out here to help me cut the cake. everybody is going to get some. the other thing i want to tell you is we are cutting the cake and celebrating 75 of these events. if any of you would like to have pictures, you are obviously invited. come on up, you can take a picture. maybe i will even give you a quarter and you can take one with me. whatever you want. this? what do you think of that, bobby? [applause] bobby, you get the first piece. and your sister gets the second.
5:51 am
we need one for your mom. what is your sister's name? savannah. would you like a piece of cake? yes, please. let's give her a piece. i want to thank you all for coming out. [applause] remember, we are going to give some to everybody in here. you have to cut them smaller. ok, everybody if you want teachers, let's have some music. let's enjoy ourselves. i'm not pandering, but i'm rooting for the pats today. let's see what happens. [applause] [chatter]
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